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What Holy spirit told me about Buhari – Rev Father Obimma - ConfamGist

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What Holy spirit told me about Buhari – Rev Father Obimma

The spiritual director of the Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry, Uke, Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Obimma, has uncovered that the Holy Ghost uncovered to him before Muhammadu Buhari was voted in as president, that his rule would bring doom to Nigerians.

He said the Nigerian economy is in shambles, including that the adjustment in Nigeria now under the Buhari-led administration was not the change the general population expected.

The cleric famously known as Ebube Muonso, told the Sun, "our economy is just perverted. Nigerian economy is in shambles.

"I will like to use this medium to tell Buhari that Nigerians are crying. As ministers of God, we are the people receiving feedback from the general population. At the point when things are getting so terrible, we are the ones they run to.

"The Holy Spirit revealed to me before the election in 2015 that Buhari would emerge as winner yet his triumph would just bring doom to Nigerians.

"Go to hospitals, individuals are lying vulnerably. A few Nigerians today can't bear the cost of their home rents. There is hunger everywhere. Many are dying. Buhari, People are dying in your hands."

The priest called for intense supplications and for change, saying the Buhari's administration has failed Nigerians.

"Buhari's leadership is not the sort of change Nigerians require, Nigerians require good leadership," he included.

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