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Rahama Sadau Pens Apologies to Kannywood - ConfamGist: News and Entertainment From Around The Globe

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Rahama Sadau Pens Apologies to Kannywood

Actress Rahama Sadau has finally apologized to Kannywood for featuring in a romantic video, against the rule if the industry.

Although many did not find her action worthy of punishment, the Kannywood industry viewed it otherwise and reacted by expelling the actress.
Rahma however has apologized to the Northern movie industry over the act.
In the actress’ apology which comes barely a year after her expulsion, she reportedly said she was sorry for actions and pleaded to be recalled back to the movie industry.
“I am human and liable to make mistakes and as a daughter who stand to be corrected. I wish to plead and ask my colleagues, the executive member of all guilds, the entire people of the north and audience at large to forgive me.”

News reports that when Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria (MOPPAN) secretary Salisu Mohammed was asked if the association will take her back, he said;
“We are going to hold a meeting to discuss on the content of the letter and come out with a definite stand. It is not going to be automatic at all. She told the media that she was not served the letter of suspension and she was not suspended. She also made lot of comments that are not supposed to come from her.”
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