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Kaha Accuses Yemi Alade Of Copyright Theft - ConfamGist

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Kaha Accuses Yemi Alade Of Copyright Theft

Yemi Alade is presently emroilled in a little controversy after Singer Kaha has accused her of copyright theft of his song ‘Heart Robber’, a song he released in 2009 that was a hit back then.

KAHA claims the singer didn’t take permission from him to do a remake of the song which Yemi Alade also named the same title ‘Heart Robber’ as well. Talking about it via his Instagram page Kaha wrote:

“Yo nice move on the heart robber remix.. but note that the song title has already been copyrighted since 2009.. I think you should have taken permission though @yemialade #goodluck ?”

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