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Lizzy Anjorin’s Thought Provoking Advice To Ladies - ConfamGist

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Lizzy Anjorin’s Thought Provoking Advice To Ladies

Lizzy Anjorin directs her advise to her fellow ladies probably based on experience.

Lizzy Anjorin first addressed the issue where ladies fight aimlessly
She wrote;
“Whenever a lady is having massive fight with her fellow ladies base on baseless issues, she need to check her man, her man issa fucking or about fucking her friends or co-workers or having horrible conversation with your friends behind u, of which it will lead to hate of no reason..”.

She further said;
“Shine your eyes, stop believing your fellow ladies are into voodoo or sell their body for money, stop hating your fellow ladies;
“The man that blessed your friends with 50million base on f*ck, can f*ck u without giving u 5k.. Have u heard about God sent?? Pray for one, not a man that u heard he bought this and that for a lady or your friends or colleagues.. A man know the lady that her luck works together with his own and behold, he can spend all his fortune on her, so if u run enter that kind of relationship my sister, YOU carry PUS….Y do promo ni o let’s all pray for God sent..whalai o se ko ko‎ #smallgirlwithbigbrainwithbiggestGod #whitedragon #womanofsubstances #eganmidogo #lizzyanjorinclothings.”

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