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Buhari Appointed 3 Goals For Himself And He's Doing Well - Femi Adesina - ConfamGist

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Buhari Appointed 3 Goals For Himself And He's Doing Well - Femi Adesina

Femi Adesina, Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, has said President Buhari has done enough to seek reelections.

Adesina said this during an interview on the president’s health and 2019 ambitions on Sunday.
The president had 3 goals for himself, Adesina said, which he has largely met.

The security of the nation was one of those goals, Adesina said, and despite the present challenges like the herdsmen killings, Buhari has made strides in security. 

He said:
The things he has done are apparent: security, despite the challenges of the moment, you can’t rule out what he has done in security.

Economy went into recession, stayed there just for one year, it has come out and the indices are good. Even the World Bank has projected 2.5 per cent growth for Nigeria this year.

Three things he appointed for himself: one, to secure the country; two, to fight corruption; and three, to revive the economy. They are going well.
Adesina also said only the president can make the final decision on whether or not to run for president in 2019.

If President Buhari feels his health is not good enough, he won’t run for president, Adesina said.
The President is not a frivolous person. If he thinks that his health cannot carry anything, he will not do it.

Every day you see the President, you see a glow about him and you see freshness about him. I think he is even in a better state than when he came in 2015. It’s all to the glory of God.
Once he assesses that his health can carry it, there’s nothing wrong if he steps into the fray. But he has the final decision.

He added that President Buhari had promised to deliver a free and fair election.
Adesina gave the Anambra State gubernatorial election as an example, saying that if the All Progressives Congress (APC) had wanted to use its federal might to win the election, it would have. 

He said:
You would have noticed that since this government came, there have been elections the APC didn’t have to win. You saw Anambra. You saw a senatorial election there. Some months ago, in November, you saw the governorship election. If APC had wanted to overrun Anambra, using federal might, it would have done that to win the election.
Election had held in Bayelsa under this administration, the APC didn’t do it. Ondo, the APC won fair and square. Kogi, it won fair and square. Where the APC wins, it wins. Where it loses, it loses. That’s the attitude of the President. Your party doesn’t have to win by hook or crook.

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