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#BBNaija: Vandora Reveals Her Ex Used To Rape Her - ConfamGist

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#BBNaija: Vandora Reveals Her Ex Used To Rape Her

It appears that the BBNaija house this year is one of the most dramatic we’ve seen and we get to see and hear shocking revelations from the housemates with each new day.
In a surprising turn of events, Roomate Vandora recently said her Ex has a very small egg plant and can’t get her to feel anything when he makes love to her. She also alleged that he slept with her while she slept without her consent.

According to her, her ex-boyfriend always raped her when she was asleep. She said she didn’t know it was rape because they were dating.

Vandora said, ”Whenever I was asleep, I just wake up with some of my clothes missing.”
”Then I discovered he had already “raped” me.
”I didn’t see it as “anything”, since we were both dating.”

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