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I Pay My Tithes Too - D'banj To Daddy Freeze - ConfamGist

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I Pay My Tithes Too - D'banj To Daddy Freeze

D’banj, is a proud tithe payer and he made this known during the birthday ball of Nollywood actress Omotola nights ago.

D’banj openly directed his statement to Nigerian OAP Daddy Freeze who has caused a division between the tithe payers, the non payers and the confused in Nigeria.

Dbanj had openly told Daddy Freeze that he pays his tithe, he enjoys paying and Daddy Freeze has no business poking his nose into what happens the money.

Daddy Freeze who had started a live recording as soon as Dbanj reached him was momentarily dazed to hear the open declaration but gave the unfazed looked.
“I pay my tithe, what they do with the money, e no concern me, e no concern you” Dbanj said.

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