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Nina Professes Love For Chimamanda Adichie - ConfamGist

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Nina Professes Love For Chimamanda Adichie

Former Big Brother Naija housemate Nina who is making waves on social media and in her newly launched business empire has written a long epistle about popular Nigerian Author Chimamanda Adichie.

Nina says she admires Chimamanda a lot and can relate to her personality. Read below:
I admire this lady a whole lot – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
As a budding & aspiring undergraduate,
I was in so much awe of her intellectual prowess
Her mastery of language
The power & the passion in her writing
As I dug further & read up on her beginnings
I could absolutely relate with her in more ways than I can describe
A little fragile but tenacious Ibo girl growing up in the little university town of Nsukka
She even says she had a feminist grandmother
While I may not totally understand nor agree with ALL her stance on feminism
I absolutely love this strong, intelligent woman of Nigeria first, and specifically of Igbo descent
She ranks top as one of the Amazon’s in my personal inspirational hall of fame
Trusting God as I round off my undergraduate school at this time
I hope to someday soon put out interesting books in my line of interest
I would even like to make a story outta one ( like d classic coat of many colours)
..but while I’m at it
I’m really just happy being a Work In Progress
I’ve made my peace with my life’s journey seeing its be so engraced
Step by step, d hand that rocks the universe leads me
Gradually but assuredly I come full cycle
I’m coming into my OWN
I choose not to walk in flaw-conciousness
But I work regardless to garner momentum in my strengths

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