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Ifu Ennada Shares Hair Care Journey - ConfamGist

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Ifu Ennada Shares Hair Care Journey

BBNaija’s former housemate, entrepreneur and talk show host Ifu Ennada is always promoting her hair care line on social media. The Oap revealed the reason she started her hair care line below:
She wrote:
There’s something about my natural hair that stands me out. It gives me a different kind of beauty. Do you love your natural hair? Mine will be 2 in December and I’ll be having a “Hairnnivesary”.😊 The first time I permed my hair was in my teens, I was about 14 yrs old and rounding up Secondary School. I relaxed my hair because it was very hard to comn and manage and back then my mum didn’t really know much about simplifying my hair burden. Back then I knew I was going to grow up and do something for Natural Hair because I hated the flat look relaxed hair gave me. I’ve always been a lover of volume and this is what natural hair is about – the beauty in the fact that it defies gravity keeps me enchanted. Fast forward to the present my hair loss and slow growth rate inspired my HairCare Line @beautifuennada and now it’s actually something that’s helped countless people get healthy hair. We’re about 5 months old and God has beem very faithful. I’m grateful for all your support. I’d probably start wearing wigs once in while as protective style for my hair, but nothing could ever compare to me hair. My hairstyle is a 3 days old twist out I did with my @beautifuennada Leave in Conditioner and Super Hair Growth Oil. Video dropping soon.

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